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Three students stand in a lunch line with lunch trays

You’ve been working hard, and you're hungry! What’s for breakfast? What’s for lunch?

We know that students who are well-fed are more mentally alert and ready to learn than those who are not; they are happier, do better in school, and excel above others. So we do our best to make sure that your child receives the nutrition he/she needs. Oakwood ISD’s participation in the National School Lunch Program means that we offer our students nutritionally balanced lunches daily.

Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch

You are also welcome to pack a healthy lunch for your child to take to school and eat in our cafeteria. As you plan for these meals, take a look at these tips to help your child get the best out of every school day.

  • Choose whole grain bread over the white, processed variety, which helps blood sugar stay stable over the course of the afternoon.
  • To mix things up try whole grain wraps, bagels, sandwich rounds, or tortillas.
  • Limit sugary drinks. Evidence shows that limiting them and other sugary treats at home actually leads to better choices when they are on their own at school.
  • Be sure to include some quick and easy-to-eat fruits and vegetables. Cutting them up ahead of time makes it more likely that your child will eat them.
Food Services Staff

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