Weather Update

Parents, Students, and Community Members,

I just wanted to give you a few updates regarding our plans for this week.  I hope everyone is warm and safe at home and that any travel is limited as the road conditions are still not looking great.  If anyone is in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the Oakwood faculty and staff.  We will do whatever we can to assist our students and community.

Oakwood ISD is closed today is observance of Presidents’ Day.  This was a scheduled holiday for all faculty and students.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16, Oakwood ISD will switch to remote learning for our students.  We announced this last week in anticipation of this weeks weather.  Students were issued devices and hotspots as requested.  There will be no school on campus.  Students are required to check in with their teacher through Google classroom or email.  We do understand that power may be out and there may be extenuating circumstances that may make this difficult. We will certainly work with those students and families as needed.

Wednesday - Remote learning.  No school on campus.  Same instructions as Tuesday, please check in with your teachers.

Thursday and Friday - Based on current weather conditions, I do not think we will have drivable weather until this weekend, but we will closely monitor the weather.  Students, parents and staff should anticipate remote learning the remainder of the week.  I will post an update regarding Thursday and Friday by Wednesday afternoon.

Please be safe and keep warm!