Covid Update

Dear Oakwood ISD Parents and Guardians,

In keeping with Oakwood ISD’s practices to respond to COVID-19, we are notifying all of our students, families and staff that Oakwood ISD was made aware today (8/24/21) that 1 student at the High School and 3 staff members that were preliminary test-confirmed to have COVID-19.  Due to privacy requirements, we will not be releasing the name of the individuals or details that may identify them.  In addition to this notification, the Texas Department of State Health Services will also be notified in our weekly report.  

Oakwood ISD has made efforts to continue testing those student and staff members that have been in immediate contact.  Follow up testing will also be conducted in the days to come as outlined in our Covid protocols published on 8/10/21.

Any of the following symptoms indicate a possible COVID-19 infection:

  • Symptoms usually develop between 2-14 days after last exposure.
  • Temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when taken by mouth;
  • Sore throat;
  • New uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing (or, for students with a chronic allergic/asthmatic cough, a change in their cough from baseline);
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain; or
  • New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever.

If you or any member of our Oakwood ISD community does begin experiencing any of these symptoms in a way that is not typical, we encourage you to contact your physician. We also continue to encourage any parent or family member who has been lab confirmed to have Covid-19 to please inform us by contacting the school nurse, Mrs. Traci Bynum, at 903-545-2106.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of everyone monitoring their health, and contacting their primary care physician if they believe they are developing symptoms. While masks are not required at school, they are readily available for all of our students that choose to wear one at both campuses.  The Covid vaccine is also available at doctor's offices and pharmacies in our area for those that choose to get the vaccination.  It is imperative that we all continue to work together to ensure our community and school remains safe and healthy.  Please follow CDC guidelines and recommendations at

If you have any questions, please contact Oakwood HS Principal / Asst. Superintendent, Dr. Stephanie Johnson at 903-545-2106 or Oakwood Elementary Principal, Mr. David Richardson at 903-545-2140.



Russell Holden

Oakwood ISD Superintendent